Sankey Petite Dressage

Sankey Petite

Handcrafted by Scottish Master Saddler Andrew Sankey. Ideal for short-backed warmbloods, ponies or galloways.

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Made in Scotland, Sankey Saddles are handcrafted solely by master saddler Andrew Sankey. They use only the finest leather and 100% Scottish lambs wool flocking and are designed to give you and your horse the ultimate in comfort and ride. The superior craftsmanship and attention to detail makes Sankey Saddles built to last.

The Sankey Petite is ideal for:

  • Short panel to suit a short backed warmblood, pony or galloway
  • Wide channel to maximise lateral spine clearance
  • Wool flocked panels for shock absorption
  • External knee block giving the rider a secure and correct classical seat


FEI Dressage Rider Kristy Sparks rides her cob Stallion in a Sankey Petite:

“I’ve recently purchased this for my cob stallion, Westbury Spitfire who is competing FEI medium tour.
I wanted to share what I like about it and a couple of the main reasons I bought it.

First reason was that I wanted a monoflap saddle and this one has a wonderfully soft seat with a great closer contact feel for communication of the subtle aids for collection and bend.

The second and main reason I bought this is the tree and channel design. Very few saddles have a wide enough channel to allow for the width of the spine and muscles as they rise underneath you when the horse/pony collects. This design gives so much more space and freedom and also makes it such a versatile saddle to fit many horses shapes.

I highly recommend people learn more about this design. I love it and my ponies love it”