Design your own Kingsley boots customised to your
individual style. Choose from a range of leathers, finishes and details. Contact us to design your boots.


From: $550.00
Riding boot with a zipper at the back and an elastic insert that creates extra freedom of movement.


From: $1,100.00
Exclusive riding boots with a zipper at the back.

Olbia – New Season Colours

From: $1,100.00
Exclusive riding boots with a zipper at the back, now available in Kingsley’s new Spring 2021 colours.


From: $1,200.00
Riding boots with zipper on the front of the tibia.


From: $1,400.00
Riding boot with a zipper on the back and a lace on the front. The advantage of this is that you can use the lace to create a larger or smaller calf.


From: $1,500.00
Dressage boot with a zipper on the inside. This boot comes standard with an extra high dressage bow, a hard outside and a soft inside to maintain the feeling of the horse.


A large range of custom options are available to completely personalise your boots to your style.


Coloured calfskin is of the highest quality and offers a great balance between flexibility and firmness. This type of leather is very comfortable, highly wear resistant and applicable to all components of the boot. Kingsley standard leathers is ideal for training purposes.


This calfskin is manually polished until the fibres are smooth and form a dense layer, his results in the glow effect of this material. This type of leather is more rigid than Standard leather, but more sensitive to wear, weathering and scratches. Polished is highly suitable for competition boots.


The leather type called Shiny is best described as patent leather with a shiny effect. The calfskin has a coating that gives it its shining appearance. The leather is rigid, but prone to scratches. Boots made of this type of leather are mostly suitable for competitions.


Suede is a processed type of leather that gets the look of velvet. Very smooth and the boots are immediately comfortable. Suede is by definition also scratch free. Ideal material for training boots.


Colored calfskin what has been treated to waterproof the leather. The perfect leather for both inside and outside, under all conditions.


Colored and printed calf leather for a tough look. This gives the same comfort and resistance as the standard leather type.

Contact us to design your custom boots

  1. The height measurement is taken (without shoes) from the ground to the bottom of the kneecap.
  2.  Circumference of the leg under the knee.
  3. Circumference of the leg at the widest part of the calf.
  4. Circumference of the leg at 20cms up from the ground.
  5. Circumference of the leg 15cms up from the ground.