Natural Health for Horses

Vital Equine by Broadleaf Hemp is a 100% Australian family owned business, focused on unlocking the nutritional benefits of the hemp seed for horses. Their hemp seed products for horses are all natural, with no chemical or genetic manipulation. Broadleaf Hemp operates using sustainable, environmentally friendly farming practices to grow better food, better soils and healthier, happier people

Hemp for horses – an equine superfood

Hemp is a superfood with outstanding nutritional benefits for horses. High in minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, hemp is a perfect dietary supplement and can help aid in digestion, calming, coat and hoof health, and joint mobility, just to name a few.

Vital Equine focuses on unlocking the nutritional benefits from the hemp seed, and harnesses the natural power of essential oils in their range of supplements and health products.



Hemp has been shown to help horses with inflammation and pain, calming, skin/coat health, reproductive health, respiratory health, and digestion. 


Industrial hemp is 100% legal, grown for use as a fibre and seed crop. It does not contain levels of THC (the psychoactive component) higher than 1%, and therefore does not cause any mind-altering behaviour. It is used for it’s nutritional value and medicinal properties.