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Craftsmanship is at the heart of Aviar, however, this is also combined with a passion for innovation. All Aviar saddles are home to their industry-leading innovations that have never been seen before in the equestrian community. The passion and technique put into each saddle has been gifted down from generation to generation. Distinctive yet understated, an Aviar saddle is an expression of exclusivity.

Innovative Features

  • Anatomically designed tree 
  • Pressure relief system 
  • The Click System 
  • Extremely Lightweight 
  • Options to personalise your design
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Anatomically Designed Tree

The Hyperflex™ Tree provides both lateral and horizontal flex for optimal movement and heightened feedback when riding your horse. Aviar have completely redesigned the saddle’s skeleton by rethinking the shape and materials used to produce it. These trees are extremely lightweight, and designed anatomically.


Pressure Relief System

The PRS works with the Anatomically Designed Tree to disperse the pressure of the rider evenly on the horse. This also creates a high level of feedback and comfort when riding, resulting in the ultimate connection between horse and rider.


The Click System

Traditional saddles have panels stitched in by hand, which can be very time consuming for a saddle fitter to change, alter or replace. With a new hardware design, the Click System allows for the panels to click in and out effortlessly.


Extremely Lightweight

Aviar Saddles are constructed and engineered to be extremely lightweight by rethinking the materials used to make them. ‘The Rook’ Weighs in at just 5.8KG [12.8lbs], making it one of the lightest dressage saddles on the market.


Personalise your Saddle

We are able to help you personalise your saddle with Aviar’s bespoke options. Aviar offers a range of high quality hides and materials to create unique finishes.