Classic equestrian apparel for elite sports

An illustrious history of horsemanship, to be continued

It was clear from the onset that all Cheval Sports horse wear would need to be built robust to endure the harshness of Australian conditions, but it is from Europe that we draw all of our stylistic inspiration. Hundreds of years of European tradition is our touchstone, and we do not seek to reinvent the wheel.

The loving craftsmanship of our apparel sports a bespoke quality that means each item could have been tailor-made for the most prestigious stables of France, Germany, England, Italy and the Netherlands. For us, the proud history of European equestrian sport is something to be propagated, not rewritten.

Human and horse wear that is both distinguished and distinguishable

Cheval Sports began its journey with a focus on the horse, particularly rugs, but plans to introduce carefully curated items of classic apparel for the rider as part of the brand’s evolution.

Given the rapport required in equestrian disciplines – both in appearance and skill – we seek to harmonise both horse and human wear to create the airs that reflect championship performance. Accordingly, our label continues to grow, along with our customer base.

To be adorned with Cheval Sports is to assume a winning edge from stable to arena.

Muscular and cultured for the most spirited equine experiences

Dressage is the ultimate ballet between the human and equine athlete. Jumping is an exhilarating fusion of courage, control and technical ability. Eventing is the Triathlon of equestrian skill, combining Dressage and Jumping with the fearless competition of Cross-Country. Show Riding is the catwalk event of the equestrian world, the precise perfection of equine movement.

All of the individual attributes of each of these equestrian disciplines are fully embodied in Cheval Sport. The meticulous needs of the equestrian competitor are met and exceeded to offer you a collection that is made for action, yet is nothing short of superior when it comes to providing the kind of debonair finish that is unique to equestrian events.

Cheval Sport brings together equestrian performance and European style without compromising on either.